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Two Roads

This journey of daughterhood hasn’t gotten any easier.  Part of me has been waiting to blog until I had better news to tell you.  Then I realized, that’s not what this blog is all about.  It’s about losing me in … Continue reading

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Truth. Trust. Trial.

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My journey of late has been enlightening and trying.  Enlightening as the Lord reveals deep truths of my character in contrast to His.  Trying in that the revealed truth requires a response.  In a word my answer has been, “yes.” … Continue reading

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How Did He Do It?

If you have spent much time on my blog you know that I am in the middle of a wait.  I must be honest and say that it hasn’t always felt so pretty.  I swing between longing for the promised … Continue reading

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The Lord is Good!

Are you suffering? I have something very important to tell you: The Lord is good. What’s that you say? You know that? Do you? Do you know that He is good to you? That His hand is good upon you? … Continue reading

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God’s Judgement Brings Comfort

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About a month ago, I was confronted with that old bully, Insecurity and his friend Doubt.  I didn’t quickly recognize them and so almost in one move they took me to the mat.  I had been got.  The enemy stung … Continue reading

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The Problem with Suffering

Suffering. I wager you would have a difficult time finding a person who has not encountered it.  Perhaps you are on intimate terms with it right now. There are many types of suffering, all of which the world uses to … Continue reading

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