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The Reminding Business

For the first time in a long time The Lord has asked me to do very hard and inconvenient things.  When I knew what I was to do, my insides melted.  I remembered the days when I would have laughed … Continue reading

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In recent posts I have looked at the lives of the Elder Brother, Cain, and Martha of Bethany.  I have found that it was the Elder Brother’s self righteousness that kept him from intimacy with his father, it was Cain’s … Continue reading

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Martha of Bethany

The bulk of commentary on Martha centers on her industrious nature.  It is said that she was worried and distracted by her endless to-do list even to the point of forgetting to spend time with Jesus.  She is often portrayed … Continue reading

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Which are You?

“God accomplishes His work either in converted sinners, whose past iniquities serve as a counterpoise to their elevation, or in persons whose self-righteousness He destroys, by totally overthrowing the proud building they had reared on a sandy foundation, instead of … Continue reading

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The Elder Brother…

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The truth hurts and yet it always sets free.  I have encountered that truth many times in the Word of God.  One parable in particular; however, has brought me such discomfort that I shrunk back and did not allow it … Continue reading

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I Killed Jesus

I killed Jesus. You heard me right. Today I had a glimpse of truth and it wasn’t pretty.  I found myself in an attitude of worship and offered my heart to the God of the universe.  As I did so … Continue reading

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A Testimony

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The other day I was awestruck by the beauty of the mountains. The storm had passed. The snow had fallen. The air was clean. In the valley, I do not usually see the mountains because of the enormous amount of … Continue reading

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