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When Healing Hurts

I am going to talk about something that I don’t usually mention on my blog. Health. It all started with a cat.  Well, that’s what caused me to notice the beginnings of being unwell.  A dear friend of mine had … Continue reading

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Little Ones to Him Belong

Recently Chris Tomlin came out with a song called Jesus Loves Me.  Instantly the song became something that I felt I needed to learn.  It wasn’t that I fell in love with it, I just felt sort of pulled to … Continue reading

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What’s Your Hook?

Jesus. People ask us to remember the hook that got us saved.  For me it was the promise of a loving Father.  I took that and believed it and the rest is history.  My story has been unfolding for years. … Continue reading

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An Orphan No More

The following is a transcript of a voice memo I recorded on one of the darkest nights of my life.  Leonard Ravenhill once said “you can’t say Jesus is all you need until Jesus is all you’ve got.”  I lived … Continue reading

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Martha, Mary, and Jesus… or, Does God Love You?

This question popped into my head today as I thought of the multitude of ministries and eager to encourage christians out there. Control that knee jerk reaction for a minute and humor me for a minute. Does Jesus Love You? … Continue reading

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Coming Back!

I’ve been gone for quite a while.  I’ve been walking through some things that I just haven’t had words for.  There have been a couple of times that I have drafted a post but I just couldn’t bring myself to … Continue reading

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The Reminding Business

For the first time in a long time The Lord has asked me to do very hard and inconvenient things.  When I knew what I was to do, my insides melted.  I remembered the days when I would have laughed … Continue reading

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Confidence in Asking

My daughter asked for an ocarina for Christmas this year. She made me a list of other gift ideas but the one thing she really wanted was a ceramic ocarina. If you are wondering what an ocarina is, it’s sort … Continue reading

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Something New Happened

Disappointment came to my door the other day but I didn’t hear it’s knock for I was busy celebrating with Expectation and Hope.🎀 -Tammy Jo

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Two Roads Become One….

Denial.  Realization.  Destruction.  Agony.  Grief.  The two roads have been destroyed.  The dust hasn’t quite settled yet.  This far my blog has been revelation after revelation of what’s in me, what hinders me.  This is something that I am just … Continue reading

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