What’s Your Hook?


People ask us to remember the hook that got us saved.  For me it was the promise of a loving Father.  I took that and believed it and the rest is history.  My story has been unfolding for years.  The day of salvation came for me and that very day I had a Father.  I just was in no condition to know Him or experience Him.  He has spent every resource of heaven healing the wounds that kept me afraid of Him and forgiving the sins that brought me shame and guilt hindering me from even entertaining the thought of entering His presence.  He has worked tirelessly to bring me to the point where His Son Jesus could receive the full reward for His suffering — that I would have intimacy with Him.  It has been quite an adventure.

I thought that by now it would’ve come but it hasn’t manifested yet.  I believe it is here but this is an exercise of faith.  The other day as I worshipped at church they played a song.  As the words were put up on the screen I looked at the name of Jesus and something happened.  He became just a bit more personal as I gazed upon His name and I realized something.  I have had a lot of sibling hurt.  Not just in blood relation but I have had a very hard time even with sibling “types” where I feel like such an outsider and just very unwanted.  I realized in that moment as I gazed upon the name of Jesus that I have passed this on to Him.  I assume that just as the earthly siblings haven’t wanted me He doesn’t really either. It’s funny how you can have a belief and not even be aware of it.  I didn’t think I had any “Jesus problems.”  I’m so thankful that this has been revealed to me.  I know that exciting things are going to keep happening as I continue to walk through the fires of this season on into the season of fruitfulness and abundance my Father has for me.  I am excited that I get to have a Father and a Brother.  And yes…..I haven’t forgotten that I have a Savior.  What a Savior!  Hallelujah!

What was your hook?



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